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Job Description

Company Description

Our client, an international company that’s slowly working its way through the marketing industry, is looking to build an impeccable reputation. However, for a success-driven, young marketing agency to make a mark, it does need a talented team that will support it in its endeavors. Because of that, they’re seeking to expand their team with some highly motivated, smart, quick-on-their-feet individuals. They currently have an opening for a creative and driven Guest Post Manager.

Job Description

In the world of marketing, thinking outside the box is crucial, so as a Guest Post Manager, you ought to be original and always ready to embrace a new perspective. Of course, you have to be aware of the latest news and trends. Yet, you should also be able to let your creative juices flow and think of ways to incorporate innovative ideas into newsjacking content that high-ranking, authority websites will absolutely love.

The whole idea behind this role is that it’s your task to brainstorm and create new content ideas, making sure they’re in line with all your research, current content marketing trends, and previous content performance. You’ll be in charge of guiding an exquisite team of content creators and publishers who need your managing skills to achieve the best results possible. Furthermore, apart from overseeing outreach campaigns, you’ll put your efforts into ensuring the managed content gets published.

To that end, your abilities to analyze and strategize will be your best friends. Your team depends on content instructions to be suitable for target websites, so you’re the one who’ll ensure they’re never in the dark. As a skilled writer yourself, you’ll know how to write enticing content and show others how to become true marketing Shakespeares. 

At the same time, your research will allow you to think of content ideas many popular media outlets would be interested in and would love to publish. This content would let businesses promote themselves on authority websites, so matching their promotional demands with the media outlets’ guidelines, policies, and limitations (such as restricted topics) is essential.


  • Be a truly hands-on manager; you will oversee the research of high-quality websites that are willing to publish guest posts, as well as take part in it when necessary to ensure exquisite results
  • Be as creative as possible while thinking of topics media outlets would like to publish and pitching them in a sensible manner to see if they’ll accept them
  • Write elaborate content instructions for accepted topics, taking into account exactly what both the businesses and the targeted websites want and need to ensure a 100% satisfaction rate
  • Guide and manage your team by providing them with the instructions and making sure they follow them so that the content gets published in the end
  • Ensure that the department’s database of targeted media outlets and contacts is updated regularly
  • Collaborate with the team to explore new content opportunities to build online relationships with organizations, websites, bloggers, online news outlets and relevant audiences who would be interested in sharing out content
  • Work with Outreachers to develop ideas and initiatives targeted to specific organizations and websites relevant to our audiences
  • Collaborate with editorial and design teams to bring content that supports your outreach efforts to life
  • Occasionally write or edit pieces of unique content when requested for a content partnership
  • Review content with an eye towards campaign, product, or brand consistency. Ensure the accuracy of content by verifying all referenced facts.
  • Gather successes, progress and opportunities for improvement into a summary for the Guest Post Department Manager
  • Brainstorm, strategize and collaborate with team members to come up with newsjacking content
  • Learn how to use your analytical skills and a keen eye for detail to comb through the websites of media outlets and check if they have accepted guest posts with backlinks in the past. This should allow you to perfect your strategy and figure out how to execute it without a hitch.

What to bring

  • Preferably a bachelor’s degree in Business, Psychology, Marketing, Communications, or a related field
  • Near-native English proficiency
  • Proficient writing and proofreading skills, as well as a detail-oriented mindset
  • 1+ year of professional experience, a plus
  • Knowledge of SEO practices and tools


  • Creative thinking and exceptional verbal and written communication skills
  • Experience with deep internet research and a high “internet IQ”
  • Experience thinking outside the box to create website content (blog articles, customer resources, infographics, etc.) Familiarity with advanced Google search techniques (i.e. site:, inurl:, etc.)
  • Results-driven mindset with the tenacity to hustle until you reach your goals
  • Collaborative & comfortable working with other team members
  • Ability to effectively manage multiple projects at once
  • Passion for technology and startups
  • Competitive and self-motivated
  • Highly comfortable with learning complex & difficult to understand topics
  • Ability to deliver results under pressure


  • Performance-based bonuses
  • Remote work — work from home
  • Biweekly payments
  •  A fantastic opportunity for professional growth in the Marketing Department and overall
  • Training and all the advice you may need to ensure your marketing skills are top-notch
  • Four weeks of paid vacation time after working with us for one full year

Does the position of a Guest Post Manager speak to you and is something you’d excel at? If that’s a yes we hear, click on Apply Now and send us your CV and cover letter in ENGLISH. These two documents mark the start of the application process, so we will use them to evaluate your English skills. Thus, if they are in any other language, we won’t take your application into consideration.

To ensure your qualifications match the company’s goals, we’ve created a multi-step selection process that will assess your abilities to research and produce quality content. The process includes several test assignments, as well as interviews so that we can get to know you better. Therefore, give it your best shot and get ready to use this opportunity to the fullest!

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