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The terms “Talent Online,” “Us,” or “We” refer to the owner of the website. The office’s address registration is Beatrixstraat 30, Doesburg, Gelderland 6981GN, The Netherlands. The company registration number is NL852487009B01.

These Terms & Conditions (“Terms”) govern your (“You,” “Your,” and “Yourself”) access to and use of talentonline.eu’s website (“Website”).  Your use of this Website confirms that You have read these Terms. Also, You agree to comply with these terms and be bound by them, together with our Privacy Policy.

In case you disagree with any part of these Terms, or our Privacy Policy, please do not use talentonline.eu. 

Information on Our Website            

We spare no effort to ensure that all information on our Website is truthful and complete. However, some of the information on the Website originates from third parties, which we cannot control. You understand that we cannot check the accuracy, completeness or truthfulness of all information on our Website. Moreover, that includes the confirmation of the identities of any such third parties. 

We deny any and all liability from any information on our Website that could be inaccurate, untruthful, incomplete, or prone to errors. Likewise, that applies to any possible liability related to the information You or any other third party provide to our Website. 

Talent Online reserves the right to remove from the Website any information you submit, for any reason, without the need to give an explanation.

Your Use of Our Website

You can use our  Website only to search for work or recruit staff for lawful purposes. However, You understand that your account may be subject to termination upon any attempt to use our Website for other purposes. 

In case you access our Website as a representative of a company, You acknowledge that you have the authority to represent your company. Thus, you agree to these Terms in the name of Your employer and Yourself.

You are not allowed to sabotage the Website or exploit the information available through it, particularly, but not limited to:

  • Trying to access or accessing any information without the authorization to do so
  • Attempting to change or delete any information you have not published yourself
  • overloading the Website via spamming, flooding, or any other similar actions
  • Using any type of technology — device, app, script, software, or similar — that could result in any type of interference to the Website
  • Attempting to decipher, change, or dismantle any of the software, code, or data used in the Website

Information You Have Submitted

You agree to accept any risk related to submitting information on our Website. Talent Online also denies any liability resulting from any loss related to Your information.

You must ensure that all information You submit to the Website is truthful and not misleading. You ensure the information you provide must not be:

  • Defamatory
  • Obscene
  • Discriminatory
  • Offensive
  • Illegal or breaching any applicable regulations
  • In violation of the intellectual property rights of any natural or legal person

You are responsible to ensure the integrity of any information you submit to our Website. Moreover, it must be free of viruses or any such software that could potentially damage or sabotage any part of the Website.

Changes to Terms

We may change these Terms at any moment. Of course, we will give You notice of such changes by any reasonable means. That includes posting the revised Terms through the Website. Any changes made will not apply to any claim made before the date on which the updated Terms were published, or You were notified of such changes. Your continued access to or use of the Website after any changes in the Terms will confirm Your acceptance of such changes. 

Content Rights

You agree that the content on the Website is subject to international copyright, software, and trademark laws. Furthermore, Your use of this Website must not infringe on these rights. You also ensure Your use of the content on this Website is solely for research, private, or domestic purposes. Furthermore, Your use of this Website for any commercial or business means unrelated to searching for work or recruiting staff is not permitted. 

Security and Passwords

In order to register and sign in to our Website, You must use a username and password. In order to set up a Talent Online account, You must provide an email address. If You register, You agree to:

  • Provide true, accurate, up-to-date, and complete information about yourself as indicated in our registration form
  • Be responsible for the protection and use of your username and password
  • Not transfer or resell your use of, or access to the Website to any third party

You acknowledge that any individuals with whom You share your Talent Online username and password may gain access to your account. Talent Online is not responsible if a third party falsely uses Your account information.


You can stop using our Website whenever you wish. We also reserve the right to suspend or terminate your registration at our discretion and without any notice. We may also suspend or terminate Your account if you do not comply with these Terms. That includes cases where You use the Website in a manner that could cause us legal liability, disrupt the functioning of Website, or disrupt others’ use of the Website.


Talent Online will not be liable for any indirect, consequential or incidental damage that could stem from Your use of the Website.

Furthermore, any liability that results in failure to perform, interruption, delay, or defect of service will not be accepted. We are not liable if any part of the Website contains errors, has been deleted or omitted. You will be entirely responsible if any of the following occurs as a result of Your use of the Website:

  • Communication or system failure
  • Acquiring a computer virus
  • Damage or theft of property
  • Unauthorized access to, alteration, or use of any information made available through our Website

The limitation of liability applies regardless if such allegations might relate to breach of contract, negligence, harmful behavior, or similar reasons for action. The basis of the liability claim will be denied, regardless if Talent Online knew that such loss or damage is possible.

You agree that Talent Online is not liable for the behavior of any third parties on the Website that might be considered discriminatory, offensive, or illegal.

In the event that applicable law limits partly or entirely the above liability limitation and its applicability to You, this limitation will apply to You within the scope permitted by the applicable law. 

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